RevGov unlikely, Albee says

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Despite the push of some Negrense allies of President Rodrigo Duterte for a revolutionary government, Rep. Alfredo Benitez (Neg. Occ., 3 rd District) yesterday said he believes it is not likely to happen.

Proponents of the revolutionary government are conducting a nationwide signature campaign, to authorize President Rodrigo Duterte to form a revolutionary government, in preparation for the establishment of a federal system of government.

That is already predicting something that will not likely to happen, Benitez said, stressing that the House of Representatives and Senate are now discussing constitutional amendments for federalism.

That is like the carriage before the horse, he said, apparently referring to formation of a revolutionary government, before the establishment of a federal form of government.

Benitez, who spoke yesterday at the annual national convention of the Real Estate Brokers Association of the Philippines at L'Fisher Hotel in Bacolod City, said President Duterte was only emphasizing that Filipinos should take a look at changing the form of government, to end corruption.

The proposed adoption of a revolutionary government came under attack, as people expressed alarm over it.

Benitez said he is not aware on the motive of some Duterte supporters to push for a revolutionary government. But he said it could be for personal gains by some.

“At the end of the day, I think that will not benefit the country,” Benitez said.

He added that the declaration of a revolutionary government is far-fetched. “At the rate we are going, even in the Senate, is already amenable to the constitutional amendments,” Benitez said.

“If we want change to happen, it is not just changing the people, who are elected, and not changing the people who sit as President, in Congress, or in the executive branch. This is probably the changing of the system itself, Benitez said, on the message that President Duterte wants to convey.

He also noted a big development in the tourism industry of the country, which really helps the country.

“If we have a revolutionary government, who will visit us?” Benitez asked.

During the launching of RevGov in Bacolod on Thursday, its secretary general, George Justin Mapili said that a RevGov will be a transition government while the structure for a federal government is being established.

Mapili said that, automatically, all positions from the vice president down to the barangay will be declared vacant after the establishment of a revolutionary government, and the President will re-appoint only those who have good or clean records.*GPB

About 3,000 members of the RevGov (Revolutionary Government) Para sa Masa in Negros Occidental signed a manifesto on Thursday authorizing President Duterte to form a revolutionary government during its launching at the Pavillion Hotel in Bacolod City.