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Tight Rope: Trash to energy

Thursday, June 08, 2017

Report says that Rep. Albee Benitez has initiated moves to bring to his district a new source of energy. Well, this is actually not new but only novel for this province and probably a pioneering project in the district.

The trash to energy project in the 3 rd district will convert garbage and plastic wastes which are petroleum-based into diesel fuel. If they segregate these wastes, they can reduce their waste from 20-30 tons a day to only 10. In effect the district will be producing fuel for trucks, jeeps, cars and motorcycles. The news report does not say how many liters of diesel fuel the project will produce but one thing for certain, the district will reduce considerably the need for dump sites.

Talisay cagers, spikers post wins in Albee Cup

June 6, 2017

Host Talisay City registered multiple wins in basketball and volleyball during the weekend to establish an early lead in the team standings of the 3rd Albee Cup Inter-LGU Sportsfest during the second weekend of the tournament.

The Talisay 3rd Albee Cup Team led by Councilors Rolin Meliton and RJ Tuvilla flank Dr. Francisco Benitez who was guest speaker at the Inter-LGU Sportsfest opening.

In 39 below basketball, Talisay beat Victorias on Saturday then dealt Silay the same fate the next day. Talisay also prevailed over Murcia and E.B. Magalona in 40 above basketball.
In men’s volleyball, Talisay once again beat the team from E.B. Magalona, while its women spikers yielded to the Saraviahons and the Silaynons.

House doubles tax on HFCS – Albee

By Carla P. Gomez on Friday, June 2, 2017

Rep. Alfredo Abelardo Benitez (Neg. Occ., 3 rd District) yesterday said the Visayan bloc failed to reduce the excise tax on sugar-sweetened beverages and carbonated drinks using locally produced sugar from P10 per liter to P5, but they were able to double the amount on imported sweeteners in the House-approved comprehensive tax reform package .

Benitez, who along with the Visayan bloc congressmen, had lobbied for a P5 reduction,said it was not granted because the country's financial managers had a set amount to meet.

Albee delivering water, power

By Carla P. Gomez on Friday, June 2, 2017

Vital groundwork to provide residents and communities in remote and far-flung areas in the 3rd District power and water supply harnessed from renewal energy was facilitated last week by Rep. Alfredo Benitez (Negros Occidental 3rd District), a press release from his office said yesterday.

Validation teams that arrived in Negros Occidental from the Department of Energy and the Department of Science and Technology were guided by the staff of Benitez, with the support of local government executives of the Third District.

Victorias scores opening day victory in 3rd Albee Cup Inter-LGU Sportsfest

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Victorias cagers beat Silay in the 40 Up and 39 Below basketball while its women spikers prevailed over Talisay to start their campaign on a winning in the 3rd Albee Cup: Inter-LGU Sportsfest held during the weekend at the Natalio G. Velez Sports and Cultural Center in Silay City.

Ceremonial toss to open the 3rd Albee Cup with Dr. Francisco Benitez, Victorias City Mayor Wantan Palanca, Silay City Mayor Mark Golez, E.B. Magalona Mayor Marvin Malacon and Talisay City Councilor Gab Villacin.*

Also off to a good start is the local government of E.B. Magalona with wins in women’s volleyball against host Silay and against Victorias in men’s volleyball.

LGU execs compete in 3rd Albee Cup

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Elected officials of the Third District, from mayors, vice-mayors, councilors, barangay captains and barangay councilmen will see action in the 3rd Albee Cup Inter-LGU Sportsfest that will kick off at the Silay City Natalio G. Velez Sports and Cultural Center, 2 p.m. today.

Congressman Alfredo Benitez, seeing the opportunity to foster stronger camaraderie among public officials in his District and at the same time, promote physical fitness and well-being, launched the sportsfest in 2014. This year’s theme is “ Upod sa hampang, sinadya kag ASENSO sa Metro 3rd”.

Tight Rope: Early politicking

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

It is often said that the early bird catches the worm. What is not asked is what happened to the worm for being early. It is truly said that advice of this nature often do not see the other side.

Politicians are learning to see the two sides of this early-bird, early worm syndrome. So now while most people are concerned about their daily lives, politicians and their propagandists are busy with politicking. The early worm got picked, beaten with hammer and tongs in nightly radio commentaries.

The only one so far left practically untouched by negative comment is Rep. Alfredo Benitez. He is being floated to be a candidate for senator in 2019. He admitted that he is offered a slate in the present administration's senatorial ticket and is inclined to accept. Governor Alfredo Marañon immediately expressed his support.

SAP calls for excise tax exemption

Monday, May 22, 2017

The Sugar Alliance of the Philippines is strongly opposing the proposed excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages as it will further bring the sugar industry down and is calling for a 5 to 6-year exemption at least, its spokesperson, Emilio Yulo III, said yesterday.

The Visayan Bloc is set to file an amendment to the proposed excise tax on sugar sweetened beverages today, which, if not amended could cause the sugar industry losses estimated of P7.8 billion annually, Rep. Alfredo Abelardo Benitez (Neg. Occ., 3rd District) told the DAILY STAR Friday.